What is employer branding and how to apply it in your company?

employer branding strategies

We stay in an expert second wherein photograph and fee as an emblem are fundamental for business fulfillment. it’s miles precisely this brand photograph to which the notion of organization branding refers, which, unlike what tends to be an idea, not solely takes into consideration the picture that the agency initiatives to the outdoors, but additionally the grasp of the employees.

A Little History About Employer Branding

Corporation branding thinking started to be introduced into the enterprise environment within the 60s, its origins being in one of the most advanced international locations of the time: the U.S. it used to not be a threat at first. Enterprise branding emerged from a take-a-look at finishes in one of the U.S.A.’s hospitals, which discovered that the recognition of the place of work is vital to preserving intelligence.

But it was years later, within the Nineteen Eighties, when this period obtained its significance nowadays, in a context of notable monetary enlargement and a marked decline in the lively populace, an instantaneous effect of the so-called “baby boom” generation. There has been a more excellent call for brains than the delivery of qualified specialists, and businesses have started to discover approaches to draw the best people.

If we speak approximately the Spanish context, it used to be due to the financial crisis 2008, while the thought of agency branding resonated strongly throughout the country. A critical second was that it was integral to maintain the maximum proficient employees, individuals who introduced cost to the organization and accelerated its productivity.

Presently, the situation is close to 2008, and the retention and loyalty of talent are among the reasons why taking care of organization branding continues to be necessary for corporations.

6 Key Points For A Solid Employer Branding Strategy

A correct business enterprise branding strategy is imperative when attracting new brains and, without delay, impacts the grasp of the company brand. In step with studies, 50% of candidates would not work for a company with awful recognition, even though it provided a better income.

What is the reason? In the net age, everybody can browse and discover statistics about a selected enterprise, critiques, and even boom or turnover rates, which can cause a potential employee to pick out one employer or every other in their task seek.

To attend to that photo projected outwards (and no less important, closer to the employees themselves), it’s miles quintessential to lay the rules for a company branding approach that covers the six working regions that we are going to overview collectively:

Make Transparency The Main Virtue

A solid method calls for having a factual basis. And consequently, it isn’t always about creating a “perfect” brand image. It’s likely throwing a logo picture that is practical, strong, and credible.

To do that, it’s imperative to have a description and be capable of speaking to the doors of the company’s values, vision, the relationship between agency and intelligence, and the way of operating every day.

Offer An Attractive Value Proposition

People are the most treasured and valuable resource in any enterprise. Therefore, to build an organizational branding approach, you need to recognize what gifted personnel are looking for to create an appealing value proposition that meets the needs of ideal applicants.

One of the most critical factors of the price proposition is the so-known employee blessings that allow the worker to have admission to practical offerings of their everyday painting life together with the childcare voucher, the restaurant card, the training voucher, or the delivery card, whether via an advantage supplied via the corporation itself within the shape of social gain, or thru bendy remuneration services.

Actively Listen To Employees

The achievement of a company branding strategy relies upon, to a massive quantity, each member being devoted to the organization and, as a result, turning into an ambassador of the logo towards their community of contacts, their family environment, and even towards new participants. To sign up for the crew.

An engaging, helpful resource to find out what the employee’s relationship with the corporation is to perform periodic work environment surveys that will allow us to discover regions that need bolstering and the organization’s strengths.

Use Social Networks As A Tool

Social networks are a first-rate assist in organization branding strategies that act as a speaker for the agency about transmitting its values in an honest and actual method.

Furthermore, through social networks, personnel can be excellent ambassadors of the employer and communicate to the organization what the corporation’s lifestyle is, the work environment, what advantages the agency gives, and many others. In this example, having internal emblem ambassador programs and training plans for properly using professional social networks is helpful. These may offer superior results in phrases of notoriety and organization branding.

Keep The Website Updated

The corporate internet site is a letter of the advent of the corporation, no longer just for customers but additionally for personnel. Furthermore, it will likely be the first location a candidate will visit to get facts.

For this reason, it’s highly endorsed that the organization has a corporate weblog or a news section. Also, a team that suggests jobs gives an attractive method that transmits the nice factors that define your commercial enterprise culture.

Explaining the differential price of the company, why it sticks out in its area, or employee fulfillment tales can be desirable arguments to attract talented employees.

Obtain And Give Visibility To External Recognition

To work on corporation branding, the agency must participate in tasks including occasions or exhibitions, awards or recognitions, and CSR sports.

All this external recognition will make it easier for the employees who are part of the agency to feel proud of these achievements and, additionally, will facilitate the attraction of the latest talent.

As you can see, agency branding has to be worked on continuously over time to fulfill its targets and needs to be accomplished in an aligned manner at all degrees of the business enterprise. However, if you can manipulate this method successfully, you may see the din in your retention methods and the appeal of the latest talent.


In conclusion, employer branding is necessary for contemporary business fulfillment, encompassing each external photograph of an organization’s tasks and the appreciation of its personnel. Originating in the 1960s and gaining importance in the 1980s, it remains indispensable today, especially in instances of intelligence shortage. A robust agency branding approach hinges on six key elements:

  • Transparency
  • An attractive fee proposition
  • Lively worker engagement
  • Social media utilization
  • An up-to-date internet site
  • Outside popularity

Through continuously nurturing these aspects, an organization can beautify its popularity, retain pinnacle intelligence, and attract new professional specialists, contributing to its sustained growth and achievement inside the aggressive process marketplace in the long run.