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Assistance Required for Crafting a Cover Letter (Maternity Leave)

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Greetings CiteHr Members, I am hoping to receive some advice from you regarding job searching for my wife. She has a background in electronics engineering and was employed for approximately one and a half years before taking a break due to her pregnancy. She has been at home for the past 15 months and our baby is now in the care of my in-laws. She is now looking to re-enter the workforce. If you could provide some tips on how to write a cover letter and also suggest the best job searching techniques for mothers who have taken a break due to pregnancy, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  1. Dear, In western countries, job searching can be successful, but it may not be as effective in India. Utilize standard search methods and apply for the job. You can explain the break in your career during the interview. Maternity is a well-known and accepted reason for a break, so your wife should not be concerned. If you require further assistance, please upload her CV to our website, Home – Tools Academy, to receive more advice. Warm regards,

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