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Bonus Intimation Letter To Employees that left

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Greetings, Is anyone able to provide a sample or draft letter to notify former employees of their unclaimed bonus? Our organization would like to inform these ex-employees of their bonus and have the letter sent to their contact address. Appreciate any assistance. Thank you. HR Representative

  1. Dear, This letter is to inform you that our organisation has declared a bonus percentage of (8.33% to 20%) for the year _____ – _____. The total bonus amount is ________, and a cheque has been attached to that effect. Please attach the cheque and send it to the ex-employee through a courier service. Make a note on the Form C (Bonus Register) that the cheque has been couriered. Please include the cheque number, date of cheque, and the courier register number for documentation purposes. We wish you the best of luck.

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