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Greetings everyone, I am considering launching an HR newsletter that will be distributed exclusively among the HR team. Our HR team is quite large and they are responsible for employee engagement initiatives at their respective units. Could anyone suggest some suitable titles for the newsletter and content that could be included? I look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

  1. Until your business is known, it is difficult to suggest something related to your company. However, many companies have created slogans that reflect their mission. For example, Coke has “A Few Sips of Coke” and a body building on chassis company has “A Few Trips with Indico”. Regards

  2. Thank you for your prompt reply. I am currently employed with a retail business that has a nationwide presence. Can you please suggest what could be included in the newsletter? Sincerely, Rachna

  3. 1. Outstanding accomplishments from last month 2. Upcoming events 3. Opening of a new branch 4. Enrollment of high-level personnel 5. Latest announcements 6. Correspondence from readers 7. Corporate updates 8. Any new promotional offers

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