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Letter To University For Graduation Verification

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Hello, I am an HR assistant and my supervisor has asked me to compose a letter to universities for recently hired personnel in our organization. If anyone has a template or the content of the letter, could you please forward it to me as soon as possible? I do not need the names of the companies that do the verification, just the letter. Appreciate it. Thank you.

  1. Dear Jia, Every year, a large number of students graduate from universities. Out of those, many get employment, but the university only receives verification letters for 10,000 of them. Is it feasible for the university to provide 10,000 replies? It would require them to hire a few clerks to do so. Even if you send the letter, what if the university does not respond? Would it be fair to the employee if they were removed from the job due to the lack of communication from the university? Therefore, it is necessary to find an alternate way to verify the university certificates. Check the university website to see if they offer a verification service. Other members in the recruitment process may also provide useful advice. Thanks

  2. It appears that the Company is either new or the individual who requested this letter is inexperienced.

  3. We are unaware of your intent in writing. If you are looking to express gratitude to the universities for offering such capable individuals, it would be a great HR practice, particularly if the universities are private. Wishing you the best!

  4. The Degree Certificate is the ultimate resolution in this situation. There is no need to be more knowledgeable than the official documents.

  5. This is a commendable endeavor. Why not support it? Universities may possibly charge a fee for responding to such inquiries in the future.

  6. It is a standard practice for universities to verify and authenticate certificates presented to them. Most universities are prompt in responding to such requests, though some may take longer. To ensure a prompt response, a formal letter should be written in a professional manner, requesting confirmation of the transcripts of the relevant students who graduated from the university.

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