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Requesting permission to organize a job fair at the college premises

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Hello everyone, I have been granted authorization to hold a campus drive, but the college administration is requesting an email from me so they can send back their confirmation. I have never encountered this before, so I would appreciate any assistance.

  1. Compose a draft based on your knowledge. Utilize your logical thinking and writing skills. Do not anticipate that forum members will write emails for you.

  2. To compose the draft, please consider the following guidelines: 1) Give a heading to your letter such as “Job Fair by __________ (name of your company)”. 2) In the opening paragraph, provide information about your company, including how long it has been in operation and how many recruitment drives it has held since its inception. 3) In the second paragraph, explain the purpose of the job fair. What type of students is it aimed at? What is the duration? When will it be conducted? What fees will be charged? What type of companies are expected to attend? 4) In the third paragraph, explain what facilities the college is expected to provide, as well as how to avoid disruption of their regular classes. 5) In the closing paragraph, discuss how the college will benefit from your ability to bring companies to their doorstep. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, [Name]

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