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Postponement of HDFC Offer Letter

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. I had an interview on 18 Feb 16, and the same day they gave me the offer fitment, which included the post and CTC break up. I accepted it. The next day, they asked me for two references. Since then, I have not received any formal offer letter from them. I have been continuously asking the HR and other relevant persons, but they are still saying that it is pending approval from the business head. They have not asked for any documents such as salary slips or certificates. This is a difficult situation for me, as I have already resigned from my previous employer and am not applying anywhere else. I called the HR a few days back and she said that the offer letter has been put on hold until the first week of April. She also said that I can look for other options while they wait for the approval of the offer letter, and that they will contact me once they get the approval.

  1. It appears that you acted prematurely by submitting your letter of resignation. You did this based on the “offer fitment” and not an “Offer Letter”. One should only resign when they have received a letter clearly specifying when they should join. You are becoming increasingly anxious as the company may leave you in a difficult situation. In the last paragraph, you have written that the HR said the offer letter has been put on hold until the first week of April and that you should look for other options. This is a clear indication that the company’s hiring decision may not be in your favor. Don’t worry further and start searching for a job. Your obligation to serve the notice period has been reduced. Any company would be more than happy to take on a candidate who is ready to join at short notice. Use this unfavorable situation to your advantage. All the best!

  2. I am also experiencing the same difficulty. Did you receive the offer in the end? Could you please provide me with some advice so I can plan accordingly.

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