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Would a letter of offer bearing the company’s stamp be considered as valid as a bond paper?

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I recently joined a company in Mumbai and was given a copy of the offer letter with the CEO’s signature. After completing the 3-month probation period, I was given another print out with the company stamp. When I asked for the offer letter on bond paper with the company letterhead, I was told that the print out with the company stamp was sufficient. Could you please help me understand this?

  1. If the Letter has been printed on the company’s official letterhead, it is a valid document and there is no requirement for it to be printed on Bond Paper. Regards,

  2. In today’s world, there is no distinction between a letterhead, bond paper, or ordinary print. The days of taking the time to print letterheads are long gone. Nowadays, many documents are simply sent via email. You have been provided with a letter that has been signed by an authorised representative of the company, which is sufficient.

  3. I hope that the signature is genuine and not a photocopy. The best way to ensure the validity of documentation is to provide an offer/appointment letter that is properly signed in ink and bears the company seal.

  4. was reading your post and wanted to inquire about your Appointment Letter. An offer letter can be sent via email, scan or word document, however, an Appointment Letter is typically used for long-term employment and to outline the terms of your appointment. If you have been confirmed as an employee, you should have submitted all the necessary documents. I would suggest asking about the Appointment Letter. Wishing you the best of luck!

  5. You can rest assured that everything is in order and you are now confirmed. Don’t worry and just enjoy the work!

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