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What Should the Employer or HR Head Do Regarding a Withdrawal of Resignation Request?

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Exploring knowledge-sharing can be exciting and learners can take delight in it. This point-to-ponder inquires what an employer or HR head should do if one of their employees applies for the withdrawal/cancellation of their resignation request letter without giving a reason for withdrawal. According to the terms of the employment contract, any employee can submit a resignation request letter and the employer must consider it and inform the employee of their decision. Readers and professionals are invited to share their advice, comments, guidance, and views. A former XLRI Alumnus, Kritarth Consulting Pvt Ltd Spl Educator, PoSH Mandatory Programs serving member (External) on ICs PAN India, and Domestic Inquiry Specialist who is open for engagement as a freelancer, offers this blog post on 27th July 2022.

  1. Nothing wrong with seeking clarification. Whether a reason for the withdrawal of resignation is assigned or not, it is the discretion of the management to accept or turn down the request. However, while taking a decision, the HR Head has to check whether the management had accepted the resignation and communicated “Acceptance of Resignation”. In a few companies, a date by which the letter of resignation can be withdrawn is clearly written. This brings clarity. On paper whatever the administrative procedure may be, HR always looks at how far the resource is valuable, and whether the exit of the employee is regrettable or not. Whatever the policy on the submission of resignation or its withdrawal may be, the decision depends on HR’s ability to arrange a matching replacement, uniqueness of work done etc. Thanks

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