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Accepting Offer Letters Without Notifying Employers

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We recently extended offers to four-plus years of Java experience candidates and only two have accepted so far. It is disheartening to receive silly excuses or no response at all. We have had instances of candidates joining for a day and then not showing up. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this situation? Thank you.

  1. Would you please take a moment to consider the following: 1) What is the induction process for all new employees? 2) Is all necessary equipment (workstation, seating, PC) provided from the start? 3) Put yourself in the shoes of a new hire – would you be satisfied with the current process? Additionally, it would be beneficial to survey those who have joined the company in the last 3 months to gain insight into any potential gaps in the system. Ultimately, it is important to not take it personally if an employee decides to leave. You can’t always reason with some people. Best wishes.

  2. In today’s market, this is a common occurrence due to the high demand. We still interview people even when we know they have two other offers. Cases may vary for dropouts, but it is reflected in the recruitment tracker. Ensure the candidate’s joining time does not exceed 15 days. This may help to some extent. However, there are still candidates who join and then leave the organisation. This indicates a gap. In some cases, if the project description and role are not clearly outlined, or the growth prospects are not discussed, or if the candidate is recruited for a forecasted requirement and currently has no project allocated, then the backouts may occur. Make sure the role is discussed in detail during the interview. In the case of a forecasted requirement, ensure the candidate is informed about the upcoming project status. All the best.

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