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Management not providing a confirmation letter despite having completed a year-long internship, including the initial three months.

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I have been employed at a company for the past twelve months. Upon joining, I was given a three-month internship letter. After the three months had elapsed, I was not provided with a confirmation letter. I have now resigned and they have accepted my resignation. When I requested a confirmation letter, they stated that I was still in an extended internship. I have salary slips which demonstrate that I was paid a stipend for the first three months and then a proper salary. Is it possible for me to file a complaint? If so, could someone please provide me with guidance on how to do so?

  1. In my opinion, an internship is akin to an apprenticeship, which is usually a form of training in a certain trade or professional activity for which the intern has already acquired some academic qualifications. This is why the payment received during an internship is referred to as a “stipend” and not wages like those of a full-time worker. The poster’s query is regarding their continuation beyond the initial three-month internship period with an increased remuneration. Generally, internships do not guarantee employment upon completion. Therefore, if there was an internship agreement, the poster should check it. In the absence of any specific orders regarding the successful completion of the internship or appointment in the organization, I don’t think any complaint in this regard would be legally sound, especially since the poster had already resigned and the resignation was formally accepted. Additionally, I would add that simply extending the internship with a higher remuneration beyond the specified period would not automatically give the individual a rightful claim to regular employment after resigning.

  2. Dear Sir, Thank you for your valuable input. I have a query. After I had completed my three-month internship, my employer verbally informed me that I was being offered a permanent role. The pay slips I received after that were those of a permanent employee, not an intern. The word ‘stipend’ was not included in the pay slip, and my job title was also stated. Can I not assert my regular employment based on these salary slips?

  3. The key point is that you have already stepped down from your internship. As you stated, the internship was not officially extended past the 3 months and you were not made a permanent employee. Management has stated that the internship was extended. In this situation, it is not possible to legally demand a permanent job from the same employer. You could ask for an experience certificate that outlines your experience in the job, or you could request to be considered for a regular position in the same organization.

  4. Written evidence is necessary to support your argument and assert your job rights. Other elements may be taken into account to demonstrate that you were not in the wrong. For instance, your compliance with legal requirements. Nevertheless, all of these will necessitate valid proof to back up your assertions.

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