10 Best Employee Monitoring Software You Must Use!

employee monitoring software

In today’s digitally-driven workspace, businesses must ensure that their workforce remains productive while also protecting company data. Employee monitoring tools effectively address these needs, presenting a platform through which businesses can track, measure, and evaluate their employees’ online activities. These tools not only boost productivity but also help in safeguarding sensitive company information. The year 2023 has seen the emergence of a plethora of such tools, each promising unique features and benefits. This article dives deep into the ten most formidable employee monitoring software of 2023, offering insights into their functionalities, advantages, and any associated legal considerations. As recent studies suggest, over 60% of companies have adopted some form of employee monitoring software, underlining its growing importance in the modern workspace

Why Is It Beneficial to Implement Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software, in the digital era, is much more than a tool tracking hours; it delves deep into an employee’s online interactions, locations, and task-related engagements. Its primary objective is to enhance organizational productivity by assessing the efficiency of websites and applications. This granular evaluation helps pinpoint productive tools and potential distractions, enabling managers to refine workflows and resources accordingly.

Additionally, in a time of growing cyber threats, these tools play a pivotal role in security. They ensure employees avoid malicious sites and prevent accidental data leaks. With the surge in remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of these tools has been further amplified. They offer managers a digital lens into remote employee activities, making task distribution and performance assessment feasible without physical oversight.

Many sectors, especially those in IT, are considering permanent remote work arrangements in the post-pandemic environment. A large percentage of workers have also shown a preference for this flexible work environment. Employee monitoring tools change from being merely operational assistance to crucial infrastructural elements in this situation.

Understanding and successfully integrating staff monitoring will be essential for firms seeking to preserve growth and security as the intricacies of work continue to change, especially as remote engagements become the norm.

Name Price Free trial period Keylogging Stealth mode
CleverControl $11 per PC/month 7 days Yes Available on
Spyrix Employee Monitoring $69 per PC 10 days Yes Available on
Actual Keylogger $69 per PC 7 days Yes Nope
DeskTime $4.81 per month 14 days Nope Nope
Monitask $5.96 per month 10 days Yes Available on
Hubstaff $4.99/month 14 days Yes Nope
Teramind $924.75/seat/month 7 to 14 days Yes Available on
ActivTrak $10 per month 7 days Nope Nope
Time Doctor $8.4 per month 14 days Nope Nope
Timely $9 per month 14 days Nope Nope

1. CleverControl

A comprehensive cloud-based solution is provided by CleverControl that is skillfully built to monitor many aspects of employee engagement, from behavior and productivity to work-life balance and goal alignment. It stands out for its skill in workforce analytics and reporting, making it a top choice for companies that value comprehensive employee insights. When utilizing CleverControl, managers can see up to 16 staff devices in real time. In addition to general activity, it analyses keystrokes, application interactions, website visits, and even social media use. Its powers are further enhanced by features like screenshot capture, search pattern tracking, and microphone audio recordings. Users gain access to live chat, a sizable online help library, and email assistance, and the pricing structure is based on the number of devices being monitored.

2. Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Spyrix, which excels at keylogging, works with both Mac and Windows operating systems. The fact that it can support 12 different languages highlights its value for companies that operate in various geographical areas. After installation, Spyrix painstakingly records every program and piece of software running in the background of the system. In order to ensure thorough monitoring, it also takes screenshots of active displays, monitors activity on peripheral devices, and even records all keystrokes.

3. Actual Keylogger

On its dashboard, Actual Keylogger displays events with thorough descriptions and timestamps in accordance with industry standards. This application is unique in its capacity to keep an eye on conversations on messaging apps and different social media sites. Additionally, it gives administrators the ability to create a list of restricted websites, categorizing and preventing access to websites with adult content, gaming, commerce, and social networking, among other things.

4. DeskTime

Within just a few weeks of its integration, DeskTime, a completely automated time-tracking technology, showed a surprising 30% increase in staff productivity. It provides information about how you and your staff spend your time online and off. Additionally, it enables time tracking for each project and then computes costs based on employee hourly salaries. DeskTime users can also create customized reports, manage staff vacations, calculate overtime, and centralize team contact details, all of which streamline administrative work.

5. Monitask

A reliable online platform for time and performance tracking, Monitask serves companies with remote staff management needs. By monitoring internet activities, recording work hours, periodically taking screenshots, and examining application usage, the software provides thorough insights. Monitask helps to maximize efficiency by monitoring the time and applications that employees use. With information on application usage patterns, managers can identify the most useful tools for their teams and steer clear of less effective options. Businesses can gain insightful data from Monitask to evaluate and improve staff performance.

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff emerges as the top option for managers of remote teams. Hubstaff is designed to close this gap. Ensuring constant engagement and productivity of remote workers can be difficult. The software provides tools for tracking apps and URLs as well as the choice to take pictures of the progress of work periodically. By giving activity levels based on mouse and keyboard interactions across devices, Hubstaff goes deeper. Its mobile application enhances its usefulness even further by giving managers the option to monitor in real time, ensuring they always have the most recent reports and data available to them.

7. Teramind

Teramind is flexible, offering capabilities that may be customized to fit different corporate requirements. Managers can use this application to monitor employee workstation activity both in real-time through live streaming and in the past through historical playback. Using Teramind, managers may monitor employee productivity by keeping tabs on the applications utilized, the activities completed, and the websites visited. Beyond improving operational effectiveness, Teramind is essential in protecting companies from security threats and breaches.

8. ActivTrak

As a covert employee surveillance tool, ActivTrak is made to shed light on workplace behavior. It operates secretly depending on preset parameters and records actual employee activity, providing a fuller view of their daily engagement patterns. Additionally, ActivTrak makes it easier to implement organizational norms. It can be programmed to take quick action, such as limiting access to particular websites, files, or programs, making sure that workers are focused on their tasks and not distracted.

9. Time Doctor

Time Doctor stands out as a precision-oriented tool tailored for tracking employees’ work durations. A distinct feature is its transparency mechanism, allowing clients to access reports and screenshots pertinent to their projects. Leveraging Time Doctor’s capabilities for time logging and remote oversight, businesses can discern which employees are optimally productive and identify areas of improvement for others.

10. Timely

Timely offers a comprehensive solution for overseeing remote work dynamics. Unique to Timely is its capability to classify time based on specific activities, websites accessed, and tools utilized. While it seamlessly integrates with a multitude of mainstream communication, project management, and video conferencing applications, it’s worth noting that most of these integrations are exclusive to its premium versions.

Features of Employee Monitoring Tools

Features of Employee Monitoring Tools offer a comprehensive insight into the digital work environment. These functionalities ensure transparency, efficiency, and security within the workplace, allowing businesses to optimize productivity while safeguarding both company and employee interests.

Web Usage Tracking

The internet, when harnessed efficiently, accelerates task completion. By monitoring web usage in the workplace, organizations can identify areas for improvement and streamline online activities. Emails, pivotal in business communications, bear legal significance, making them essential to track and archive to avert potential legal complications.

Device Activity Monitoring

Beyond just web tracking, monitoring tools can also observe applications on individual devices. By analyzing this data, businesses can discern between time invested in essential tasks, commonly used software, and periods allocated to less productive endeavors.

Keystroke Logging

This feature chronicles every key pressed by employees. Given its intrusive nature, it’s employed judiciously. With risks of logging sensitive data like passwords or personal identifiers, there’s a tangible concern over potential privacy infringements.

Insightful Business Dashboard

This software element presents intuitive dashboards, distilling employee performance data. It sheds light on non-productive segments, showcases top-performing individuals, and highlights frequently accessed web tools.

Analytics & Reporting

Central to monitoring tools is the capability to generate detailed reports. Offering graphical insights, these reports detail activities, spotlighting recently visited websites or routinely used applications. They often encompass extended historical data, sometimes spanning up to eight months, providing a comprehensive view of software and website utilization.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Monitoring employee actions can offer several advantages:

  • Pinpoints concerns like workplace bullying;
  • Minimizes conflicts;
  • Aids in redistributing tasks effectively;
  • Ensures adherence to safety protocols;
  • Curbs unproductive behaviors due to oversight;
  • Identifies procedural inefficiencies, prompting process refinement.


Employee monitoring does come with its set of challenges:

  • Privacy concerns can arise among staff;
  • Continuous oversight might disrupt employee engagement;
  • Monitoring can imply mistrust, leading to decreased morale;
  • Blurred lines between personal and professional device usage raise surveillance scope questions;
  • Accumulated data poses a risk if mishandled or misappropriated.

Legal Considerations of Employee Monitoring Software

While observing employee computer and internet activities may raise privacy concerns, it’s legally permissible. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling affirmed employers’ rights to monitor employee actions during work or on company devices. Presently, there’s no federal directive on the monitoring software employers can use, even those logging keystrokes or passwords, though their use can be contentious.

While federal guidelines are broad, several states have initiated protective measures. An increasing number mandate that employers inform their teams about any online surveillance be it through a usage policy, employee handbooks, or periodic email reminders.

In Conclusion

Employee monitoring software is a vital tool for numerous global businesses, serving as a protective shield against potential fraud or cyber threats. Before settling on one, it’s advisable to thoroughly evaluate and compare various programs to find the optimal fit for your organization.

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