9 Reasons Why HR Help Desk is Essential

Why HR Help Desk is Essential

The domain of human resources includes a wide range of responsibilities such as attracting and hiring the right talent, onboarding, setting up company policies, processing payroll, along with keeping employees engaged and much more. Usually, a lot of HR’s time is consumed in responding to employees’ queries and performing administrative tasks.

By implementing an AI-driven HR help desk in your organisation, ensure that your HR team can focus more on what truly matters and your employees receive prompt responses whenever they have any queries. If you want to use the HR help desk in your organisation then this article will give you a better understanding of ticketing systems along with the nine compelling reasons why you should use it.

What is an HR Help Desk?

An HR help desk or HR ticketing system is software used in an organisation to handle and track employee inquiries, from its submission to resolution. This system systematically arranges all the query requests in a single dashboard that are received through various channels such as email or WhatsApp.

You must be thinking about why to use software for addressing employees’ queries when you can use email for the same. But, sometimes there are issues that need to be resolved immediately and preferring emails for this purpose can tend to get lost or can cause unnecessary delays. Whereas, using the software you can ensure that an employee query has been received by the right person and is being addressed immediately.

9 Reasons why HR Needs an Employee Ticketing System

These are the top nine reasons why you should make use of an employee ticketing system in your organisation:

1. Streamline Communication and Collaboration

Some major technical issues may need more than one person to work together to address the problem. Also, it is essential to keep employees updated on the progress of their query requests.

While an HR help desk informs the employee on the status of their inquiry and encourages transparent communication between employees and company.

2. Arranges an Ample of Queries in a Single Place

The major benefit of the HR help desk system is that it consolidates and categorises all the employee’s requests at a centralised place. Besides that, the system assists the HR manager in handling ample queries and reduces the chances of requests being lost or unaddressed.

Additionally, its feature of categorising tickets helps the HR manager to determine which query needs to be solved immediately and which one can be resolved later on. Thus, they can easily manage employees’ queries along with their essential work.

3. Categorizes Workforce Queries

In order to assist employees, it is necessary to determine which problem requires urgent attention. Yet, regardless of how minor or major the issue is, every employee demands a quick resolution.

In this case, where there are a lot of employee queries that need attention, you can link your system to a knowledge base that contains information and solutions to the repetitive questions. By making use of this employee’s queries will be resolved on their own without the help of respective managers. In order to focus on more difficult escalations, you may also implement an AI-driven chatbot on your employee ticketing system to address the tier-1 inquiries swiftly.

4. Integrates Communication into a Single Thread

In the multichannel world, employee help desks are designed to operate flawlessly. When you offer support to your staff through several channels, the integrating feature of ticketing software combines all of the communication into a single thread.

Thus, your employees can use the channel of their choice or even switch between the channels during the process of resolving them. Additionally, even if the employee ends up working with different executives, all communication between the HR executive and the employee will be saved in the original ticket to ensure that no information is missed.

5. Stores Data of Previous Requests

HR performs multiple tasks on a regular basis, thus it’s impractical to keep a record of all the former issues and the conversation manually. That is why the HR help desk is necessary for the organisation.

The human resource team will be able to store all the previous queries submission and their resolution with the assistance of the employee help desk. Maintaining prior details will keep the HR team well-informed and prevent employees from repeatedly asking the same questions.

6. Improves Relationships with Employees

No matter whether they are employees or clients, nobody likes to wait when things can be available immediately. Since all communication takes place in a single shared space, ticket management solutions make it simpler for HR and employees to connect.

The workforce can verify the status of their queries raised and stay in touch with the relevant HR manager through an internal messaging system. In the case that another representative is required to continue the conversation, they will still have access to all prior communication details, so that the employee will have a consistent and personalised experience.

7. Increases HR Efficiency and Productivity

Due to the kind of structure ticketing systems have, HR managers only have to work on issues that are appropriate to their level of knowledge. Moreover, they are always aware of which requests need to be resolved first based on the priorities.

This helps the human resource team improve their effectiveness and productivity, decreases manual errors and fasters ticket resolution time. In the event of difficult scenarios, HR managers may constructively collaborate with another manager to get quicker results.

8. Store Records of Essential Criteria and KPIs

AI-driven employee help desk includes integral reporting features that let you monitor a variety of KPIs and data related to the employee experience. You may record data such as system usage, no. of query requests, ticket addressing time, first reaction time, SLA compliance, HR performance, etc.

These metrics form the basis for assessing the effectiveness of your HR and employee assistance, and also provide helpful information about areas where your service operations can be strengthened.

9. Adds to your Professionalism

You will seem more professional if you use an employee help desk rather than scattered interactions. The software will help you to address issues more quickly and make sure that nothing is missed.

Immediately resolving employee queries will also show them that you value their time and want to create a trouble-free working environment for them.

Wrapping it up

Solving workforce queries is essential for employees’ well-being, but manually handling them is not easy for HR managers. So to ease up the task, here comes an AI-driven HR help desk system. As mentioned above, you should automate your employees’ query resolution process for many reasons.