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I am seeking advice on how to obtain an experience letter from my boss.

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Hello, I am in a difficult situation and would like to seek advice from experienced individuals. I am currently employed at a software company with around 8-9 employees, and my role is HR Generalist. I am responsible for administrative, accounting, and some legal tasks. Recently, I was offered a post of HR Generalist at one of India’s largest retail stores. The only issue is that they need me to join immediately. They asked if I could take five days off from my current job and then come back to serve a 15-day notice period. I am really uncertain of what to do. If I leave the current organization, my boss may not provide me with an experience letter. On the other hand, I would be missing out on a great opportunity to work with a well-known brand. Could anyone provide me with some advice? Thank you.

  1. Always keep in mind the adage “Adore your occupation, but not the organization.” Best wishes

  2. Dear one, It is a common occurrence, so many people have gone through this. Change is unavoidable, that is a given. It is best to leave the organization on good terms, though it is hard to do so once you have submitted your resignation. Nevertheless, it is the only way. You can always tell the company you are joining about your situation and exceptions are sometimes made. We also allow employees with similar issues to join in some cases.

  3. Seize the new opportunity and submit your resignation letter to your current employer without any hesitation. Do not worry about not receiving an experience letter from your boss. He may just ask for your salary and may argue. Just inform your boss that you are taking the step for career advancement. Do not overthink it. All the best. Sincerely, Dipali Lakhani

  4. Hey there! This situation occurs when there is an inadequate system/management in place. Everyone has the right to make a change. You should make it clear to the retail organization that you might not be able to provide a work experience letter and that should not be an issue when verifying employment and submitting documents for the retail organization’s offer.

  5. Speak with the HR representative from the retail business. I’m confident they will comprehend your situation and not anticipate a letter of recommendation or a positive reference check. Make sure to explain the situation clearly. They should be able to understand. It’s a great chance, take it!

  6. It is advisable to agree with Bhardwaj and make it clear that if one leaves the company immediately, they will not receive an experience letter or clearance certificate. It is also possible that the current employer may withhold the current month’s salary. Ultimately, one must decide what to do.

  7. I understand that instead of leaving the organization without a Service Certificate, it would be better if you can take a leave of 5 days if available to serve the new organization for the requested period and then come back to serve the notice period to get your Service Certificate. If that is not available, I think you can convince the new organization to extend the period or explain your situation regarding the Service Certificate that cannot be issued. I faced a similar situation and I can suggest you not to be too eager for the job as it is the only one and if you are in such a situation, they will definitely put you in more trouble to come immediately. Don’t be scared and you can explain your situation which is the best way to get your problem solved. All the best !!!! Regards

  8. Hello, I am in need of guidance on how to create a PowerPoint presentation and discuss the topic of time management. Could anyone provide me with some advice? Thank you.

  9. How long have you been employed with this organization? I’m guessing it’s been less than a year. It’s important to consider the long-term when making decisions. For example, if you had been with the company for 15 years, how would your profile look? Additionally, it’s not ethical to take a leave of absence from your current job and join a new company during the notice period. Start-up companies like yours offer great exposure and the learning curve is much higher than with companies with structured systems. I know people who work for well-known IT companies and they complain that there isn’t much to learn because most of the work is done at the headquarters. Just be patient and, with your current experience, I’m sure better offers will come your way. Best wishes

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