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What strategies should be employed for dealing with candidates who have accepted an offer letter but are not joining?

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I am having difficulty with the recruitment process. We are in need of a Php Developer for our Organisation and after extensive searching, we have identified some suitable candidates and provided them with offer letters that meet their requested joining date and salary expectations. Unfortunately, they have not shown up on the designated date, citing various excuses such as family issues, accidents, illness, and better opportunities. Could you please advise me on what recruitment strategy I should pursue?

  1. When recruiting, opt for those who are willing to join rather than those you deem to be the most suitable. If you are looking for the highest quality, you must be willing to pay for it. What do you anticipate? Why should the applicants not pursue the best offer? During difficult times, businesses often let go of staff without hesitation, so why shouldn’t the employees search for what is best for them? If you are determined to have your chosen candidates join, then provide them with what they desire; otherwise, don’t be so selective in your recruitment. Lower your standards and pick candidates accordingly. Just as you are striving for the best, the applicants are also seeking the best deals. Remember that competition is a two-way street, and you cannot blame others for not being competitive. You select the BEST candidates, they choose the BEST companies.

  2. Hi, We had offered a salary that was agreeable to the candidate and had scheduled the date of joining to accommodate their notice period. We waited for the full 30 days of the notice period, and the candidate had even confirmed their joining with us until the day before. However, on the date of joining, they did not turn up or respond to our calls. We understand that the candidate has the right to choose what is best for them, but they should have at least informed us if they were not joining so that we could have looked for someone else. Thank you.

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