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Letter of Appointment for Site Personnel

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I am the HR Manager of an infra consulting company with sites across India. We have projects that last for a period of 1-1.5 years and I am looking for a Contract Appointment Letter Format for our site engineers. I would like to know what should be included in the letter to ensure its legality, as well as if we are required to deduct PF for them.

  1. Dear Mr. _____________, We are pleased to offer you a Designation on a retainer ship basis in our organization, with the following terms and conditions. 1. Your consultancy period shall be for a period of Twelve months, beginning from 11th July 2007, which can be extended further or terminated earlier with Two Month notice on either side, without assigning any reason. 2. You will be paid Rs.10, 000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only) as consultancy charges per month. Additionally, you will be paid 5% of the Project Cost, successfully deployed with the client. 3.Your present place of work will be at ___________, but during the course of the above assignment, you may be posted / transferred anywhere to serve any of the Company’s Projects or any other establishment in India or outside, at the sole discretion of the Management. 4. This appointment and your continuance as consultant are subject to your having been found medically (physically and mentally) fit by the authorized Medical Practitioner. 5. You will not (except in the normal course of the Company’s business) publish any article or statement, deliver any lecture or broadcast or make any communication to the press, including magazine publication relating to the Company’s products or to any matter with which the Company may be concerned, unless you have previously applied to and obtained the written permission from the Company. 6. You will be required to maintain utmost secrecy in respect of Project documents, commercial offer, design documents, Project cost & Estimation, Technology, Software packages license, company’s polices, Company’s patterns & Trade Mark and company’s Human assets profile. 7. You will be required to comply with all such rules and regulations as the Company may frame from time to time. 8. Any of our technical or other important information which might come into your possession during the continuance of your assignment with us shall not be disclosed, divulged or made public by you even thereafter. 9. If at any time in our opinion, which is final in this matter you are found non- performer or guilty of fraud, dishonest, disobedience, disorderly behavior, negligence, indiscipline, absence from duty without permission or any other conduct considered by us deterrent to our interest or of violation of one or more terms of this letter, your services may be terminated without notice and on account of reason of any of the acts or omission the company shall be entitled to recover the damages from you. 10. You will not accept any present, commission or any sort of gratification in cash or kind from any person, party or firm or Company having dealing with the company and if you are offered any, you should immediately report the same to the Management. 11. You will be responsible for safekeeping and return in good condition and order of all Company property, which may be in your use, custody or charge. If you accept the terms and conditions above mentioned, please sign the declaration in the duplicate and return to us. The original shall be retained by you. We welcome you to The Company name family and look forward to a fruitful collaboration. With best wishes, For Company Name. Name: Designation: I agree to accept consultancy on the terms and conditions above mentioned. The original of this letter is in my possession. Place : _______________ Name : __________________ Date : _______________ Sign : __________________

  2. Dear one, Thank you for your input. We currently have a consultant on a retainership basis, but I am wondering if we can bring on a Site Engineer under this type of employment. Is there a risk that this could negatively impact their career due to the lack of job security? Additionally, could you explain the exact definition of retainership?

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