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Candidates who accept the offer letter and fail to appear.

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I am Chaitsi, an HR Executive in an E-commerce company based in Ahmedabad. I am currently searching for an email support executive and a BDM with e-commerce experience, however, it has been difficult to find suitable candidates. In the past month, I have shortlisted four individuals for the positions, yet none of them have joined the organization. Despite asking if they were sure they wanted to change jobs, they accepted the offer letter, only to back out the day before joining. This is an unfair situation, as if the employer were to do the same, the candidates would be justifiably upset. Is there a system or rule that can be implemented to make the recruitment process easier? It is a lengthy and arduous process, and while it is understandable that candidates want to choose the best employer, it is not acceptable to accept offer letters from multiple organizations and then not show up. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this matter.

  1. Greetings, This is a common problem in the recruitment process. Everyone is experiencing the same issue and it continues. From my understanding, this cannot be altered. Remain optimistic and everything will work out. Thank you.

  2. Hey, thank you for getting back to me, however, do you not think this is not the solution?

  3. In my view, we should make sure to include remarks about the recruitment channel when assessing candidates. For instance, if a candidate was sourced from, then the employer should make a note of any relevant past incidents. What do you think?

  4. I believe it would be beneficial to create an app or candidate portal that would allow us to provide reviews and blacklist certain individuals. This could be useful for other recruiters.

  5. It is a common problem that I have noticed in many places, particularly in medium-sized businesses in Ahmedabad. The HR practices in these companies are particularly poor.

  6. Postings on CiteHR about recruitment issues are common, and often involve applicants not showing up. This is a reality in India. My opinion is that the wrong person was chosen. Having been a member of CiteHR for a long time and having a passion for recruitment and training, I’ve read some shocking recruitment practices. It’s important to review the recruitment process from start to finish and then make improvements. I have previously posted my guide to recruitment which has been successful in organisations I have worked for, and I have also trained other hiring managers in this system. No system is perfect, but having a robust system in place can help to reduce the majority of problems.

  7. The recruitment community has nearly come to the conclusion that there is no real answer to the issue of “No Shows”. All businesses, regardless of their size, reputation, salary, etc. have been affected. No company is exempt from this. In response, a friend of mine decided to take action to try and resolve this problem, and it appears to be working well. His solution is that employers, upon making an offer, should require that the candidate register and “Accept” the offer on the iAccept portal, or else the offer will be withdrawn. Other companies, before making an offer, should search for the candidate to make sure they have not accepted any other offer. It’s a simple but effective solution. Check out ?? Thank you.

  8. It is important to handle such issues with caution. Posting on blogs or websites that a particular individual did not show up after receiving an offer letter could lead to legal repercussions. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for the possibility that some may not show up. It is wise to have backup candidates ready.

  9. It is rightly said that one should have a list of potential replacements ready in case those who accepted job offers do not show up. As a HR professional, it is important to make sure that the candidate is aware of the job role and what their future with the company could look like. It is also important to make sure that the candidate understands the scope of their role and the benefits they will receive in return. People often want more than what is offered, so it is important to make sure that the recruitment process has a personal touch to it. This will help to ensure that the right and reliable employees are selected for the company.

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