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Dear sir, I would like to request a sample of appointment letters for the following positions in a manufacturing company: 1. Production Supervisor, 2. Production Manager, 3. Accountant, 4. Accounts Assistant, 5. Operator, 6. Manager, 7. Helper, 8. Welder, 9. Fitter, 10. Office Boy.

  1. It appears that you may not have a full understanding of the differences between item no.1 and item no. 10. Have you classified them into various employee categories? Do you have any HR policies, procedures, or systems in place? Is there a wage structure and allowance structure for various levels of employees? These categories could include managerial, executive, supervisory, non-supervisory, or workmen levels. The letters will vary depending on the band and cadre. Unless you have a strong foundation, my sharing of formats and letters may not be helpful. Appointment letters include various terms and conditions of employment, so an employment policy should be in place. It is recommended to get the fundamentals clear and there are hundreds of formats available on the internet.

  2. Greetings! As a novice in the HR field, I am utilizing this platform to gain insight from experienced individuals like yourself. Regarding the topic, we are in the process of constructing HR policies to create a system for the company.

  3. Building policies and procedures for an organisation should be done in a systematic and organised way, step by step, just like constructing a building. Before beginning, it is important to have mission, vision and goals in place. Policies should be related to safety, HR, services and more, and should be approved by management. Rules, regulations and Standard Operating Procedures should be available online for employees to access. If your organisation is looking for a structured and solid foundation on HR, please consider me.

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