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I have been working in a hospital for 20 years, having experience in BPO industry, production, insurance and hospital administration. The hospital has been running for 30 years in an outdated manner, without qualified nursing staff or housekeeping staff, and the manager has only passed 10th grade after failing it 10 times. There is no charge handover and when something goes wrong, staff are unwilling to take responsibility. I was hired as an administrator to bring discipline, introduce new insurance schemes and tie-ups, and I have installed biometric attendance and CCTV cameras to monitor the premises. Despite this, I have faced resistance from the older staff and have been absent for a month. The owner has asked me to put my ideas in writing and he will speak to me and the staff, as he is busy. I have been successful in my previous job, but the owner favored females and removed me from the job after a dispute. I am now concerned that I may lose my job if I try to bring improvements by introducing KPIs or strengthening the workforce. I would appreciate advice from HR specialists on designing my appointment letter and getting it signed by my boss.

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