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Could you provide me with a template for a resignation letter from a BPO organization?

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I have been employed at a domestic call center for over two and a half years. Unfortunately, I departed without obtaining a relieving letter, which is now causing difficulties for me when I attend interviews and am selected. I now understand the importance of having a relieving letter and would be grateful for your help in resolving this issue. Could you please provide me with a format of a relieving letter that is accepted by most BPO companies? Thank you.

  1. I have included the requested documents in the enclosed formats. I hope you find them satisfactory. Thank you.

  2. Do some companies require their reference letters to be printed on their own letterhead? Would there be any issues if I am unable to provide the letter in that format?

  3. I have been employed at a domestic call center for over 18 months, however, I was recently let go due to poor performance. I do not have a relieving letter and it is causing me difficulties in other areas. I now understand the importance of the relieving letter and I am asking for your help in obtaining it. Could you please advise me on how I can get an experience and relieving letter from my former employer? Thank you.

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