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Relieving Letter and Employment Certificate

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Dear Colleagues, Is the departing employee who has given short notice entitled to a Relieving Letter and Employment Certificate by law? Thank you.

  1. Irrespective of the short notice, HR should ensure that the necessary paperwork for issuing a reliving letter is completed. To be on the safe side, the letter should be signed and filed in the employee’s file, even if they do not request it.

  2. According to the existing Labour Laws, there is no specific provision that meets your request. However, it is possible to take legal action against the company and obtain an experience certificate along with some form of compensation. The decision is yours to make: whether you want to demonstrate fair personnel policies and be seen as a fair employer, thereby creating a positive brand image for the company. Regards,

  3. Dear Member, It is the responsibility of the company to provide Exp & Releiving letters to its departing employees and they should request for these documents prior to their departure.

  4. What would be the procedure if an employee who is leaving has a contractual obligation? Will they still be issued a termination letter and a work reference? Please respond as soon as possible.

  5. A company can issue a relieving letter and a certificate to an employee who has not fulfilled the bond period after completing the no dues formalities.

  6. the employee has to clear all the dues and then only he/she will be given the employment certificate and relieving letter Does the exiting employee need to pay the bond money in order to receive an employment certificate and relieving letter? Will the employee only be given these documents after all dues have been cleared?

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