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Letter Regarding the Person Who Has Departed With Company Property

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  1. Thank you for providing the letter template used in your organization for employees who are not present or have stopped reporting for duty. However, the format of the letter needs to be improved. The “Clause 7” of the appointment letter may not be applicable to all. Additionally, the necessary procedures must be followed. It appears that the employee has been assumed to have left the organization without any further investigation. Furthermore, the company property involved has not been specified, such as office supplies, laptops, mobile/SIM cards, or a substantial amount of cash. All in all, the letter gives the impression of trying to intimidate the employee, which reflects the organization’s people policy.

  2. The line of property given to you is not suitable. Instead, ‘property assigned to you for the successful execution of your tasks for the Company’ is a better phrase. In the event of an employee absconding, the first step should be to ask them to return, the second step should be to issue a charge sheet and the third step should be to issue a termination letter.

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