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Experience And Relieving Letter – Download

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Dear Everyone, Can a single document serve as both an Experience and a Relieving Letter? I understand that some companies are offering this service, but I would like to know if it is valid and legal. If so, I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with a format for an Experience and Relieving Letter combined. Thank you.

  1. Hi, It is possible to obtain a combination of both documents. There are numerous organisations that provide a single letter containing both.

  2. It is a company policy and is not based on any legal requirement. The company has the discretion to combine both documents and issue them together. Please ensure that the Date of Joining, Last Working Day and your Key Result Areas are included in the document. Attached is a sample for your reference. The document must be printed on the company’s letterhead. Best regards

  3. Hello, I am inquiring about ESIC and would like to know if it is mandatory. Could you please provide me with more information?

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