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I have not taken up the job offer given by a HR consultancy.

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Hello, Recently I was sent to a company for an interview through a HR consultancy. According to the agreement, I was supposed to pay the consultancy in two installments. I issued two checks in favor of the consultancy. However, I later realized that it was not possible for me to pay. I had already given the interview and been selected by the company, but I had not accepted the appointment letter given by the company. The consultancy is now claiming compensation from me. Will I face any legal issues from the HR consultancy? Regards,

  1. It is not acceptable to take money from a job candidate, however, if both the consultant and candidate agree, the candidate can be paid after they receive their salary from the new company. It is common in the IT sector for candidates to negotiate offers and potentially increase their compensation. I am against taking money from the candidate. The consultant should only accept payment from the employer. If the employer is unwilling to pay the service charge, the consultancy community should not encourage such employers, and this practice of not paying the consultant will cease. Professionals should serve the candidates to help them find the right job. This is my opinion on taking money from the candidate.

  2. It is not advisable to give two cheques to the consultant and then not accept the appointment letter. The HR consultant may produce the cheques and proceed against you for cheque bouncing. It is important to keep up with commitments, even if they are not favourable. If I were an employee, I would not work with a consultant who requests money from a candidate. Best wishes

  3. Dear Robin, I have taken the necessary steps to ensure the cheque will not be returned. Best regards

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