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What steps can be taken to confirm the authenticity of the offer letter received by the company?

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  1. Hello, It is highly unlikely that any reputable company would issue a fraudulent offer letter. If you would like to confirm the validity of the offer, you can contact the HR department of the company in question.

  2. Hi there, How did you get the offer? Did you receive it in person or by mail? If you accept it, you should go to the organization in person and present it for approval. If it is not authentic, they will not send anything to you by post. Professional organizations usually deliver offers to the recipient in person.

  3. It is accurate to say that professional organisations typically send offers by post to the recipient. If you have received an offer letter by mail, you should respond with gratitude and ask for a hard copy of the letter. Additionally, it is advisable to request the contact details of the HR personnel and the company’s landline numbers. Above all, it is important to remember whether you have ever been interviewed (whether virtually or in person) by the sender of the offer letter.

  4. I recently received an offer via email after attending an interview in person. I’m now wondering if the offer is legitimate, and I’m not sure if I can trust the HR’s word. Is there a way to contact someone else in the company to verify the offer without the HR’s knowledge?

  5. Reliable Consultancy Services is a background screening company that specializes in pre and post-employment verifications for Corporates. Our goal is to help our clients in avoiding the recruitment of unethical personnel into their organization. Unfortunately, the number of cases related to fraudulent certificates has risen significantly. Industry experience shows that more than 16% of applicants provide false or misleading information on their resumes, which is a cause for concern. If not addressed, this attitude could become a prevalent mindset. As Corporate entities, we must take responsibility and make sure our risk mitigation processes are ahead of potential fraudsters. Employee screening is a reliable way to validate the documents and information submitted by potential employees. Our Pre-Employment Screening and Employment Background Check Services package includes: * Education Verification (Academic and Professionals) * Employment Reference (Line Manager Verification) * Employment and Earnings (HR Verification) * Antecedent (Criminal Record Search) Verification * Personal or Professional Reference check * Address Verification * Database Verification (IRA, Civil Litigation) * Due Diligence Verification * Passport verification. * Drug Testing

  6. At times, it is necessary to visit the company in person to ensure the validity of the offer as neither a website nor a telephone inquiry will provide all the necessary information. There are companies who have issued fraudulent offer letters, so it is important to be cautious.

  7. Hi, If you are not convinced by the HR of the said organization, what is causing your doubts? Regards

  8. Hi, If you have any doubts about the offer letter from this organization, it is best to contact the HR department and ask for clarification. If you are still not comfortable with the situation, it is best to err on the side of caution and not accept the offer.

  9. Verify the authenticity of the offer by comparing it to the original letter. Visit the company’s website to obtain contact numbers and contact the Human Resources department to determine who is authorized to sign the offer. Additionally, confirm the offer by verifying the logo from the website.

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