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I am seeking a modification of the date on my relieving letter due to my having two jobs at the same time, which has made it difficult for me to find a new employer.

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At my first place of employment, I was on the bench from the start of 2021. We were told to look for other jobs. I got a job at a second organization and the HR asked me to resign the same day, which was 8th January. Unfortunately, the offer letter didn’t reach them due to an error. I sent another email the following day, which did go through. The issue is that my resignation from the first organization was accepted on 11th January, as 9th January was a Saturday, but I was supposed to join the second organization on 8th January. This has resulted in a period of dual employment being shown on my records. As a result, no company is willing to hire me for a third organization. Please help.

  1. Is it true that no business is prepared to hire you due to a four-day period of overlap? Did they inform you that the overlap was the cause of the refusal?

  2. Could you please provide me with an update on your situation? It would be helpful if you could post it here.

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