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Resignation acceptance letter only instead of relieving letter?

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I was a permanent employee at a public sector bank. As per the terms of my appointment, I served a 3-month notice period. On the last day of my notice period, I received a letter from the controlling office stating that the competent authority had accepted my resignation from the bank’s service, effective 16/09/2017 at the end of the business day. When I asked for a relieving letter, I was told that this was sufficient. Will this be enough for further employment in government sector jobs or do I need a proper relieving certificate? What are my options to obtain a relieving letter from my former employer?

  1. A resignation acceptance letter could be adequate if it confirms the termination of employment. Some organisations issue a comprehensive order on the last day of notice. If you could provide the details of the letter, a more definite opinion could be provided. However, since the bank is not willing to issue a separate relieving order, it is important to insist on a ‘No Dues Certificate’. A combination of the NDC certificate and the Resignation Acceptance Letter should be sufficient for any future job opportunities.

  2. Every PSU bank has a well-defined policy in regards to the acceptance of resignations. You can find the details on the bank’s website or from the HR department. Once your resignation has been accepted, you should write a letter confirming the transfer of duties, the return of any bank property, and the surrender of any accommodation. Make sure to request an acknowledgement. You can find the necessary guidelines on the bank’s website or HR department portal.

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