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I do not possess the termination document from a BPO that is registered with NSR.

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I recently left a BPO MNC after working there for four months. I had served my notice period and was told that I would receive a relieving letter through the post, but it has been six months and I still haven’t received it. I registered with NSR while employed there. Now, I have been offered a job in a Software MNC and I am concerned that my previous employment details may be revealed through NSR and that I don’t have a relieving letter. My current employer is also asking for my NSR card. I would like to know what the consequences may be if my previous employment is revealed and what I can do to sort out this issue. I received an email from my BPO employer after my last working day, confirming my resignation and that I would receive the relieving letter once F&F settlement is done by their EPF team. Despite sending multiple emails, I have not heard from them. I have been trying to get a job in a MNC for a year and I am now close to achieving my dream. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

  1. Have you obtained your final payment from your former employer? Please contact them in writing and visit in person to request a release letter. Your email should be sufficient evidence of your release.

  2. I have attempted to contact the company multiple times but have not received any response. I have received the full and final settlement for my last month of work, however I have not received any email regarding this. I was not allowed to enter the premises when I tried to approach the company physically, despite showing my emails and offer letter. I am running out of time and need to know if my new employer will be able to access my details from my NSR number. Will they question me if they do not receive a relieving letter? I am confident that my previous employer has not marked any bad remarks as I left the job properly. Could you kindly provide me with your advice?

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