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Format for a Termination Letter – Infectious Disease

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Hello, I am in need of a letter format for a Temporary Break-up in employment due to illness (Medical Treatment) for a short period of time. The details are as follows: 1) The employee has been confirmed for two months. 2) According to the medical report, he has been advised to undergo medical treatment for six months due to an infectious disease, as it would be dangerous for him to remain in the premises. 3) He will be able to rejoin the firm after the completion of the treatment, as per the medical officer’s certificate. I would appreciate a quick response. Thank you.

  1. Subject: Temporary Termination Letter Dear First Name, Reference your confirmation, we regret to inform you that based on the ground of your medical reports, the management has decided to discontinue your employment with this organisation on temporary basis due the concern of health and safety of other staff members which may be arises from your serious illness. The aforesaid termination shall come into effect from _______ 2009. You will be allowed to join your work after the six months i.e. _________ (subject to the recommendation of medical practitioner). You are requested to carry your medical certificates at the time of resuming your work after the noted period. All other terms and conditions of your employment remains unchanged. We hope that you will understand the position of the management positively and look forward for your kind cooperation. Thanking You, Yours Faithfully

  2. Dear Everyone, Does anyone know of any articles regarding Family Partition – Rules & Regulation in the state of Kerala? Thank you, ___________

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