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Termination Letter for Abandonment of Employment

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To Whom It May Concern, We are writing to inform you that an employee has left our IT firm without completing the required notice period and without fulfilling the one-year bond they signed at the time of joining. We do not wish to take any legal action, but we must send a termination letter outlining the violations committed. We would appreciate your help in creating this letter. Thank you for your time.

  1. Hi Jiya, Has your employer already sent out a show cause notice to the employee? If not, please send out the first show cause notice to the employee’s postal address via registered mail. If there is no response, send out another show cause notice within 7 days. If there is still no response, send out another show cause notice. Additionally, inform the relevant labor department. As an optional step, you may post an advertisement in the newspaper and inform the employee that if they do not attend the office on XYZ date, their candidature with the company will be terminated. Finally, issue a termination letter with full and final settlement. Could you please provide more information on this? Regards

  2. We are not looking to take any legal action, we simply want to send a termination letter to the individual in question. We would appreciate it if you could help us create a termination letter that clearly outlines all the violations they have committed. We have seen many termination letters on Cite HR, but we would like to make something different.

  3. Jiya was advertised in the local newspaper as an absconder and was asked to report to the company within 15 days or face termination. Subsequently, a termination order was sent to him due to his failure to report to the company.

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