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Issue a new appointment letter today, taking effect from the original date of joining.

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? Hello, In my organization, some personal files have been misplaced. What steps should I take in this situation? Is it possible to issue an appointment letter with the original date of joining?

  1. Dear one, It is recommended to first rebuild the personal records with duplicates of whatever accessible archives. Along these lines, attempt to get the duplicates of accessible archives from the enlisting office if any contracted by you. On the off chance that not, get the duplicates of promotion, application, welcome for meeting, authentications of scholarly capability, offer letters, arrangement requests from the applicable representatives and get them confirmed both by the pertinent individual and the leader of HRD.

  2. Dear sir, Thank you for your helpful response. Some employees do not have documents such as appointment letters. What can be done in this situation?

  3. Ensure that you are adhering to the EPF Act and/or ESI Act from the moment the workmen were hired. If possible, look for records and determine the exact date of appointment. If it is not feasible to do so, then follow the instructions you provided in the post and get confirmation from the individual that the information is accurate, along with an acknowledgment.

  4. 1) You can request the employees to provide their appointment letter. 2) You can issue a copy of a new appointment letter with a backdated date. 3) If you are providing an increment to the employees, you can issue a new appointment letter with an increment letter stating that certain terms and conditions have been amended, taking into account the new appointment letter with the current date. Nevertheless, the joining date will remain the same. Best regards, HR Consultant

  5. Hello, An employer may provide a copy of an employment letter to its employees on any future date, but it should be clearly marked as a duplicate.

  6. What is the purpose of needing the letters all of a sudden? If you do not have the letters and do not wish to issue backdated ones, you can provide a new letter confirming the employment status, including the current salary levels and the date of joining. This should meet most requirements.

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