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Offer and Appointment Letter to a Non- performing employee

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Since I have been employed in this real estate company for the past two years, I have been instructed by management not to extend an offer or appointment to another employee who has been with the company for eighteen months. This individual has not been performing well for the past six months and their salary has been on hold for the past two months. They have now threatened to take legal action against me.

  1. A Permanent Post in any Esta requires a Record of Employment, including the employee’s name on the Muster-Roll and daily attendance recorded in the office attendance systems, entry permit/gate pass, wages/salary paid, and deductions of PF. Even if an appropriate appointment/joining letter/record was not issued/created, withholding wages/salary is a very serious offence on the part of the employer/management. Proper disciplinary action should be taken for misconduct or poor performance instead of engaging in wrongdoing.

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