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Write letter to employer about family member illness

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Greetings everyone, I am in need of assistance in creating a letter for an application for a medical visa in the USA for my daughter’s cancer treatment. The embassy requires a character certificate and verification letter from my employer. Could someone please help me draft a letter and provide guidance on how to explain the situation to my employer?

  1. Dear Ovee, It appears that you need a character certificate and employer verification letter from your employer. Is this for you or your daughter? I suggest having a discussion with the HR department of your company to explain what kind of support you require. This should help you in creating the necessary letter. Thank you

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. The USA embassy is requesting a character certificate and employment verification letter to confirm the medical visa and processing. I consulted with HR but they need a formal letter for senior staff to review. I couldn’t find such a letter format online. That’s why I’m asking here. Appreciate your help.

  3. Dear Sir, 1. This is to inform you that I have been employed at ____________ (complete name of your company) since ______ (date). My current role is _________ and I work in ______ department. 2. At this time, I am dealing with the illness of my daughter, Ms _____ (her first name) who is ___ years old. She has been diagnosed with _______ (exact diagnosis as per medical certificate). We have been providing her treatment at _______ hospital. However, cancer specialists have informed us that this is a rare type of cancer and have suggested that she should receive treatment from _________ hospital (complete name of the hospital, city, state of USA). A photocopy of the medical certificate issued by the cancer specialist is attached to this letter. 3. To obtain the treatment at _______ hospital, we must travel to the United States, and to do so we need to obtain a medical visa. The US embassy has confirmed that to issue a medical visa, they would require my Employment-cum-Character Certificate. Therefore, I am requesting you to provide the said certificate. 4. I would be grateful if you could provide my Employment-cum-Character Certificate as soon as possible. Warm regards, ___________ (your signature)

  4. Dear Sir/Madam, Your opinion is valid and your suggestion is beneficial for the HR community. In general, HR should be proactive in assisting individuals. The employee was not asked for something extraordinary, merely an employment certificate, which they are entitled to. This is an unfortunate situation and the role of HR in this particular case is regrettable.

  5. HR should have assisted the employee in creating the application/certificate. As the employee was not travelling for leisure but for cancer treatment, it was inappropriate of HR to leave the employee to find a suitable format.

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