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Format for a Resignation Letter – DOC Download

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  1. To the Director of , This letter serves as my formal notice of resignation. My last day of employment will be . I am grateful for the experiences I have had at , and I am making this decision to further my career. I have enjoyed my time here and am appreciative of the opportunities I have been given. I hope that two weeks is enough time for you to find a suitable replacement. If there is anything I can do to help with the transition, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for the time I have spent here. Regards,

  2. Hello, Please take a look at the website You will find a wide selection of formats there. Best wishes

  3. The attachment you sent isn’t a resignation letter, but rather a Farewell Note. These are typically addressed to everyone in general (e.g. Dear Friends/Colleagues) and are written in an informal and friendly manner. On the other hand, a Resignation Letter is addressed to a specific person or to the relevant authority and is more formal. Best wishes.

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  5. Sub: Resignation Respected Sir/Madam, I hereby tender my resignation from the company due to personal reasons/health grounds etc. I would be grateful if I could be relieved from my duties from ……………………date/Immediately (as per rules of the company). I am thankful for the support and encouragement I received during my tenure in this organisation from …. to …. and would be grateful if the same cooperation is extended in the future. Thanking you Yours faithfully

  6. I am in need of a resignation letter template. I only have one year of experience. Could you please provide me with one?

  7. Dear Everyone, I am seeking employment and have five years of experience in the administrative field. Could you please provide me with information about the Employment Service Bureau, so I can find a job as soon as possible? I would be grateful for your prompt assistance. Thank you

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