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Since the initiation of the H1B Visa process, there has been an expenditure of 5000USD, and thus a release letter has not been issued.

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I am looking to leave my current job in order to pursue higher studies in Management. I have been working with an IT MNC for 11 months and have a total of 4+ years of work experience. My H1B visa application was filed in December and accepted by the US consulate on April 26th, shortly after I submitted my resignation. My manager and HR have acknowledged my resignation (I have a system generated email confirming my last day of work as May 31st). All other clearances have been completed, except for the Immigration clearance, which is being held up due to the fact that 4500 USD was used to file the petition. The HR has informed me that this is a problem as I had previously agreed not to initiate a voluntary release from the project. I have all my payslips except for the last month. What should I do in this situation?

  1. It appears that there is a problem with the HR department. The amount of approximately $4,500 is accurate for the cost of an H1-B approval, including attorney fees. If the HR department has said that the petition has been accepted for processing, then the receipt number should have been provided. If not, it is recommended to ask for it and check the status of the petition online. The link is provided. It is surprising that the HR department is now pointing to the voluntary release aspect. There is another possibility that since the H1-B cap for 2013 has been reached, they cannot file for another employee, meaning they would lose one slot (assuming the approval is granted). Could this be a way of preventing you from leaving? Best wishes.

  2. As of today, no viable solution has been identified. This occurred on this past Friday. The I129 form was sent to the senior for approval on 10th May 2013. A system-generated email confirming the case acceptance was sent to me after my resignation. I am eager to pursue higher education and have been accepted into one of the top B schools, and I am desperate to not miss out on this opportunity. Could you please provide a potential solution to this issue?

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