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Would it be preferable to provide a Joining Letter or any other professional letter in hard copy form instead of electronically?

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I was wondering if it is necessary to provide a Joining Letter or any other professional document in hard copy form, or if emails are legally accepted as proof of the company. Additionally, this would be a way to save paper.

  1. I am inquiring about the legality of providing a Joining Letter or any other professional letter in an electronic format rather than a hard copy. Would it be acceptable to use an email as a valid proof of the Company’s agreement? Additionally, this would help to reduce the use of paper. Could you please provide me with your advice?

  2. Courts have yet to accept digital documents and correspondences as legally valid due to a lack of authenticity. Without a recipient’s acknowledgement, it can be difficult to make a judgement. Documents that are essential, particularly those related to services, should be provided in hard copy originals, and the receipt should be acknowledged. The argument of saving paper is not applicable in this case. In certain instances, electronically transmitted correspondences may be accepted at the discretion of the adjudicator, provided they are not disputed by the parties involved.

  3. It has been a long-standing practice for most companies to provide a hard copy of the appointment order for jobs offered on contract, fixed time hire, and on rolls. This should be given to the employee on letterhead, and a photocopy should be taken of the signed document for HR records. However, it is not recommended to follow this procedure for other types of job allocations, and instead a mail should be sent for freelancing work with a continuous assignment arrangement.

  4. My company obtained physical copies of all the documents (Offer letter, Confirmation Letter with my signature) and provided me with digital copies of all the documents with the HR signature. Is this acceptable or should I request the physical copies?

  5. Hello, It appears that you have been given scanned copies of documents. Print out all of these documents, as well as any emails and other correspondences that were sent along with them. Having hard copies of the documents, along with acknowledgement of them, would be even better as they would be considered original.

  6. I will consult with HR and they will require me to bring printed materials for their recognition.

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