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Revised Proposal Letter Format

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Greetings Everyone, I am in need of a revised offer letter for a potential hire. Does anyone have a template I can use? Alternatively, would a simple email with the updated start date be sufficient? I would appreciate any advice you can provide. Thank you,

  1. This letter is in reference to your application for the position of ___________ in our organization and the subsequent interview. We are pleased to offer you the following: a. You will be appointed to the ________ Cadre of the organization as ___________ and will report to ___________. b. Initially, you will be offered a monthly salary of Rs. ___________ per calendar month for the first 6 months of your probation, as detailed in the attached sheet. During probation, you will also be provided with a mobile phone at the company’s cost and reimbursement of touring expenses outside ________ City Limits, at actuals. You will also be provided with local conveyance expenses @ Rs _____ per km if you own a two-wheeler. After successful completion of the probation period, your pay package will be reviewed and additional facilities offered to other permanent employees of the organisation will also be admissible to you. c. As a ___________, your duties and responsibilities will include __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________. d. During your association with this organisation, you will be required to give a minimum of 1 (one) month’s prior notice to the management in case you decide to resign from this post. This will be followed by either side. You are also required to deposit with the organisation, an amount equivalent to your one month’s salary, which will be deducted in 4 equal installments from your salary as your interest-free salary deposit which will be reimbursed to you at the time of final settlement. In the absence of a Notice Period, this one month’s salary deposit kept with the organisation will be forfeited. e. After successful completion of the probation, you will also be covered under the Employees PF and FP Scheme, Yearly Bonus, in due course of time as per the rules of the organisation. f. During your employment with us, you will be governed by the terms and conditions and rules and regulations of the organisation already in force / will be in force from time to time. Please kindly inform us of your date of joining by return mail on receipt of this offer letter. We thank you for your interest. Yours faithfully, (Name)

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